Welcome to BrandMe.Social! We help professionals and job seekers to better understand their experience, strengths, and skills. Through the process, our clients gain more confidence in what they have achieved and how they can harness their strengths to advance in their careers. We will develop a more impactful resume, so you are ready to achieve your career goals!

Resume Refresh
We will review your existing resume and reformat it into an appropriate, attractive format based on existing information. This service may require a brief consultation or questionnaire if more detail is needed.

Full Skills & Resume Development
We will review your existing resume and have a one-on-one consultation to explore and determine your most valuable skills, experiences, and accomplishments. We will then craft an attractive, impactful resume that is sure to get you interviewed. (Includes 1 hour consultation and several hours of development and formatting).

“I thought I had a decent resume I had created on my own. However, after utilizing BrandMe.Social’s services, I was blown away by the changes and I am so happy with the end result. Nevin helped me realize I had so many more accomplishments that I could showcase. I highly recommend Nevin and BrandMe.Social to anyone looking to create or revamp their resume. Totally worth the investment!”
Karin B.

“As a student I thought I had limited experience that I could put on my resume. After working with BrandMe.Social, they helped me think in terms of the skills I had developed through even my volunteer work. They reformatted my resume to show that I had many transferrable skills, even with my limited job experience. Using my new resume helped me land my dream job upon graduation! Highly recommended!”
Mikayla B.

“I was in the midst of a career change and found the perfect job opportunity. I was confident in my abilities, but wanted to make sure my resume and more importantly my cover letter conveyed my professional experiences effectively. I reached out to BrandMe.Social and I am so glad that I did. Nevin took the time to not only revamp my CV but asked me some very thorough questions about my career. This allowed him to learn more about me and capture my skill set on paper. It made a huge difference in securing my new career in a new industry. Thanks Nevin!”
Adam R.